Keen MindYou have a mind that can track time, direction, and detail with uncanny precision. You gain the following benefits:
• Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
• You always know which way is north.
• You always know the number of hours left before the next sunrise or sunset.
• You can accurately recall anything you have seen or heard within the past month.

Lightly ArmoredYou have trained to master the use of light armor, gaining the following benefits:
• Increase your Strength or Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
• You gain proficiency with light armor.
LinguistYou have studied languages and codes, gaining the following benefits:
• Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
• You learn three languages of your choice.
• You can ably create written ciphers. Others can’t decipher a code you create unless you teach them, they succeed on an Intelligence check (DC equal to your Intelligence score + your proficiency bonus), or they use magic to decipher it.
LuckyYou have inexplicable luck that seems to kick in at just the right moment.
You have 3 luck points. Whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can spend one luck point to roll an additional d20. You can choose to spend one of your luck points after you roll the die, but before the outcome is determined. You choose which of the d20s is used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.
You can also spend one luck point when an attack roll is made against you. Roll a d20, and then choose whether the attack uses the attacker’s roll or yours.
If more than one creature spends a luck point to influence the outcome of a roll, the points cancel each other out; no additional dice are rolled.
You regain your expended luck points when you finish a long rest.

Mage SlayerYou have practiced techniques useful in melee combat against spellcasters, gaining the following benefits:
• When a creature within 5 feet of you casts a spell, you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against that creature.
• When you damage a creature that is concentrating on a spell, that creature has disadvantage on the saving throw it makes to maintain its concentration.
• You have advantage on saving throws against spells cast by creatures within 5 feet of you.
Magic InitiateChoose a class: bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard.
You learn two cantrips of your choice from that class’s spell list.
In addition, choose one 1st-level spell from that same list. You learn that spell and can cast it at its lowest level. Once you cast it, you must finish a long rest before you can cast it again.
Your spellcasting ability for these spells depends on the class you chose: Charisma for bard, sorcerer, or warlock; Wisdom for cleric or druid: or Intelligence for wizard.
Martial AdeptYou have martial training that allows you to perform special combat maneuvers. You gain the following benefits:
• You learn two maneuvers of your choice from among those available to the Battle Master archetype in the fighter class. If a maneuver you use requires your target to make a saving throw to resist the maneuver’s effects, the saving throw DC equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice).
• If you already have superiority dice, you gain one more; otherwise, you have one superiority die, which is a d6. This die is used to fuel your maneuvers. A superiority die is expended when you use it. You regain your expended superiority dice when you finish a short or long rest.
Medium Armor MasterPrerequisite: Proficiency with medium armor
You have practiced moving in medium armor to gain the following benefits:
• Wearing medium armor doesn’t impose disadvantage on your Dexterity (Stealth) checks.
• When you wear medium armor, you can add 3, rather than 2, to your AC if you have a Dexterity of 16 or higher.
Metamagic Adept
Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature
You've learned how to exert your will on your spells to alter how they function:
• You learn two Metamagic options of your choice from the sorcerer class. You can use only one Metamagic option on a spell when you cast it, unless the option says otherwise. Whenever you reach a level that grants the Ability Score Improvement feature, you can replace one of these Metamagic options with another one from the sorcerer class.
• You gain 2 sorcery points to spend on Metamagic (these points are added to any sorcery points you have from another source but can be used only on Metamagic). You regain all spent sorcery points when you finish a long rest.
MobileYou are exceptionally speedy and agile. You gain the following benefits:
• Your speed increases by 10 feet.
• When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn’t cost you extra movement on that turn.
• When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don’t provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest o f the turn, whether you hit or not.
Moderately ArmoredPrerequisite: Proficiency with light armor
You have trained to master the use of medium armor and shields, gaining the following benefits:
• Increase your Strength or Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
• You gain proficiency with medium armor and shields.
Mounted CombatantYou are a dangerous foe to face while mounted. While you are mounted and aren’t incapacitated, you gain the following benefits:
• You have advantage on melee attack rolls against any unmounted creature that is smaller than your mount.
• You can force an attack targeted at your mount to target you instead.
• If your mount is subjected to an effect that allows it to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, it instead takes no damage if it succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if it fails.